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Full text of "Slavic Europe; a selected bibliography in the western European languages, comprising history, languages and literatures"

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The Great War has often demonstrated how little the Western 
World really knows about Slavic Europe. The causes of this 
profound ignorance or indifference are not difficult to find. A 
glance at the historical evolution of Europe will help to explain 
why Western Europe, though always strongly — often decisively 
— influenced by events in Eastern Europe, showed little interest 
in that part of the world. 

It will be remembered that European civilization shifted with 
the discovery of the Americas from the Mediterranean to the 
Atlantic basin. Slavic Europe thereby became less accessible to 
the new West and its creative ideas — ■ it is, in fact, farther re- 
moved geographically from the Atlantic Ocean than from the 
Mediterranean Sea. 

Contemporaneously with this great change occurred others 
which still further weakened whatever desire Western Europe 
had to know about Slavic Europe. Among these may be men- 
tioned the gradual decay of medieval Slavic states or their con- 
quest or absorption by the Teutons (Germans and Swedes) and 
the Asiatics (Magyars, Mongols, and Turks). The old trade 
routes between Europe and Asia which traversed Slavic Europe 
were abandoned, and the Slavs were forced to an inland existence 
by the expansion of the Teutons and the Asiatics. Thus the 
information which Western Europe obtained about the Slavs 
came through German or Asiatic sources which were naturally 
unfriendly. With the exception of the rising Muscovite empire, 
one by one the Slavic states of the medieval epoch disappeared. 
Bulgaria and Serbia fell before the Turk in the fourteenth and 
fifteenth centuries. Croatia was gradually absorbed, first by 
Hungary and then by Austria. Bohemia, forced to seek protec- 
tion against the Turks in a feudal alliance in 1526 with the Habs- 
burgs, soon found her rights disappearing before the absolutist 
power of that dynasty until, after the battle of White Mountain 


in 1620, she became a mere province. The Polish empire was 
partitioned at the end of the eighteenth century. Thus, while 
there was left behind among the Slavs the memory of a glorious 
past, Western Europe soon forgot that the early Russians had 
once knocked at the very gates of Constantinople and had helped 
to carry enlightenment across the limitless plains of Russia ; that 
the Bulgarians and the Serbs had fought valiantly to stave off 
the Turkish flood ; that the Croats had once founded a progressive 
state on the shores of the Adriatic; that the Slovenes and the 
Slovaks had been overwhelmed, the former by the Germans from 
the north, the latter by the Asiatic Magyars from the south; that 
the Bohemians under the Hussite general Zizka, had won their 
religious independence, and through Hus and Comenius had 
scattered to the ends of the world the beginnings of a new order of 
things; and that the Poles had not only checked the expansion 
of the Germans by union with the Lithuanians, but had helped to 
stop decisively the advance of the Turks into the very heart of 
Europe. All this is an undying remembrance for the Slavs them- 
selves, but for most Westerners today this historical evolution is 
a new study, detailed knowledge of which, if it ever existed in the 
West, had been obliterated. 

The English and the Dutch were more interested in modern 
times in transmaritime enterprises than in the Continent, and 
their foreign policy has remained preponderantly colonial and, 
especially in the case of the English, insular. For them, Slavic 
Europe virtually did not exist. The French, who hesitated be- 
tween the two goals of policy — colonial empire and the domina- 
tion of Europe — were interested, until the beginning of the 
nineteenth century, in a diplomacy which gave them allies against 
the Spanish and Austrian Habsburgs, namely in an alliance with 
Sweden, Poland, and Turkey. Thus, excepting for Poland, 
Slavic Europe was of little interest to the French until the decay 
of this eastern barrier and the growth of the power of Prussia 
forced French diplomacy to ally itself with Russia. From that 
time, French scholars have studied Slavic Europe and have 
rendered inestimable services to historical science. The Spanish 
were interested in Central Europe (what is now Austria-Hungary) 


largely owing to the claim which their branch of the Habsburg 
dynasty had, by a secret treaty, to the inheritance of the posses- 
sions of the German branch. When this ended, Spanish interest 
likewise ceased. 

With the expansion of Russia, the Anglo-Russian rivalry in 
the nineteenth century became a decisive factor in determining the 
character of the information which the average Englishman had 
about Slavic Europe — a point of view which the Agreement of 
1907 only partially removed and which the results of the Russian 
revolution have once more exposed. Some day, perhaps, it may 
be scientifically determined that it was the lack of knowledge of 
Slavic Europe which caused a long series of mistakes in the 
diplomacy and military strategy of the Allies. 

And we, in America, though always cherishing a platonic 
interest in Russia, because of the similarity of our problems, have 
really known very little about the Slavs. It was with the coming 
of Slavic emigrants that the American first realized the need of 
knowing more about the Slavs in Europe. And this realization, 
now in existence, may ultimately lead in the course of time to a 
more accurate knowledge of and a more disinterested sympathy 
for Slavic Europe. From the point of view of the Western 
World, it is vital that the history, the political, economic, and 
social conditions, and the national aspirations of the Slavs be not 
only sympathetically understood but utilized for the higher 
purposes of mankind. 

Strange to say, we, in the Western World, have arrived at this 
conclusion at a moment when Slavic Europe lies prostrate at the 
feet of the Germans. Now, at last, it is felt how little is known 
about that part of the world, and more important still, how vital 
it is that we should understand existing conditions in their proper 
setting so that a new Slavic Europe may be regenerated and 
rebuilt on the basis of the just national aspirations of the Slavs. 
In the minds of the Slavs, a new Russia, a regenerated Poland, a 
Czecho-Slovakia, and a Jugo-Slavia are not necessarily dreams 
of the future but very real possibilities. To help in this reorgani- 
zation of Central and Eastern Europe on a basis which will be at 
once rational and sound, free from hostility on the one side or 


from extremes of chauvinism on the other, and to harmonize this 
process with the liberation of other peoples and with the problems 
connected with the creation of some sort of world order, is the 
task of enlightened men. 

It was with a hope that a bibliography of Slavic Europe might 
help in this great problem of the future that the present volume 
was prepared. 

This bibliography aims to give a selected list of the most fun- 
damental works on virtually all phases of life in Slavic Europe. 
It cannot be exhaustive for that reason. As originally planned, 1 
it would have listed the most important works for a given topic 
no matter in what language, thus including all the Slavic lan- 
guages. But insuperable difficulties in printing and sale were 
found to exist for such a work in America. After all, the Slavic 
languages are known only to a few outside of the Slavs or their 
descendants. It is to be hoped that in a future revision of this 
work this important addition will be made. The titles found in 
this volume are, therefore, in the Western European languages. 
Such titles as have been transliterated from the Slavic are for the 
most part bibliographies which list works in the Western Euro- 
pean languages or sources which contain documents in these 
languages. It is hoped, through this small beginning, to introduce 
the Western scholar and publicist to a slight acquaintance with 
the Slavic languages — an acquaintance accurate enough to 
allow him to understand the fact that a vast storehouse of mate- 
rial in the Slavic remains sealed to him as long as he is unac- 
quainted with these languages. 

The fundamental basis of this bibliography is primarily ethnic. 
The Slavic nations are treated bibliographically as ethnic units. 
The territorial or regional aspects of the problem, while important 
and treated in detail, are not conclusive in any scientific treat- 
ment of the subject. The ethnic basis gives a firmer scientific 
foundation on which to build. The nation is always likely to 
remain, but the state, which it founds, may disappear or the 

1 For the outline and sources of such a work see: The foundations of Slavic 
bibliography by R. J. Kerner (reprinted from the Papers of the Bibliographical 
Society of America, vol. x, no. i, Jan. 1916). Chicago, 1916. 40 p. 


nation may be partitioned and forced to live as a part of several 
states, as for instance the Poles before the war. 

The bibliography is therefore divided into six large parts: I, 
The Slavs, which is a general division treating the Slavs taken 
together; II, The Russians (including the Great Russians, the 
Little Russians, also known as Ukrainians or Ruthenians, and 
the White Russians) ; III, The Poles; IV, The Slavs in Germany 
(not including the Poles) ; V, The Bohemians (Cechs) and Slovaks 
(including general Austro-Hungarian bibliography) ; and VI, The 
Southern Slavs, which are further classified as Jugo-Slavs (Serbs, 
Croats, and Slovenes) and Other Balkan Slavs (Bulgarians and 
Macedonians). Each of these six parts is further subdivided into 
three others: history, language, and literature, and these in turn 
into as many subdivisions as the material warrants. 

Within these headings or topics the arrangement is evolu- 
tionary. The student proceeds from the general to the special, 
from the simple to the complex, and from the past to the present. 
The works within each topical unit are further arranged, unless 
otherwise specified, in the order of their importance from the 
point of view of an evolutionary or scientific study of the topic. 
Smaller type is used for works which are of lesser value for the 
topic, but yet important enough to be included. No work is 
listed twice, but cross-references are given at the head of divisions 
which will enable one to find a work useful for more than one 

In a bibliography of this kind there may be a difference of 
opinion as to where a certain work should be listed. In such a 
case it should be pointed out that the arrangement used in this 
volume will be more serviceable than one which would list the 
works alphabetically or chronologically, by subject or by date of 
publication without any reference to importance. The choice 
here lies between some guidance or none. And in this case the 
search and study (including travel in Slavic Europe) extending 
over almost a decade have been given to the matter. This is 
especially true of topics in which the authorities disagree or 
where national or religious hatred becloud the issue. The bibliog- 
raphy was undertaken before the war and so far as is known 


consciously to the author no national, class, or religious bias has 
been allowed to enter into the reasons why a work should not be 
included in the present volume. On the other hand, much time 
was spent — until the forms for the book were closed — in 
endeavoring to include all shades of opinion on controverted 
topics. The object has always been to get at the truth and in a 
scientific manner. 

This bibliography was brought down to the opening of the 
Great War in 19 14, which may properly be considered the starting 
point of a new epoch on which as yet very little of permanent 
scientific value has been written. Delays in the process of the 
publication of this volume were utilized to add some material 
published after 1914 in certain fields, but this it will be found 
related more particularly to events before the war and is intended 
to round out topics on which very little had been published. 

A few words in regard to technical details may be in order here. 
The transliteration of Slavic names and titles must naturally 
claim the attention of all those who are interested in a study of 
Slavic Europe. The transliteration of the Slavic should take 
place undoubtedly by means of rules which permit the use of the 
scientific (or Croatian or Czech) method. The method has this 
to recommend it. The Polish, the Czecho-Slovak, the Slovene, and 
the Croatian are already thus transliterated. There remain the 
Russian, the Bulgarian, and the Serbian. On the other hand, 
the phonetic system — which really means a new transliteration 
for each language into which the Slavic languages are transliter- 
ated — has been very widely adopted. For the reason that few 
bibliographers can compete with the Library of Congress in 
setting the transliteration in America, the author has fallen back 
in the main, with one exception, upon the rules of that institu- 
tion. The exception is the transliteration of Serbian which is 
virtually transliterated in the Croatian. The reader is referred 
to the transliteration tables on pages xii-xiii. 

In regard to the remaining details, some approximity to the 
acknowledged rules of library science has been attempted. The 
author has endeavored to follow these rules uniformly. 


And now for a few words of acknowledgment to those who have 
helped to make this volume possible. To the many librarians 
and scholars, both in America and abroad, who have been con- 
sulted, the author extends his thanks with the hope that in return 
they may find the bibliography of service in their work. To Miss 
M. H. Buckingham, Mrs. Margaret S. Heller, Miss G. F. Wie- 
czorek, Mr. Frank Odenwald are due many thanks for tedious 
verification, revision, and proof-reading of the manuscript. The 
author is especially indebted to the staff of Harvard College 
Library, particularly to Messrs. A. C. Potter and J. F. Currier 
for criticism and assistance, and to Harvard University for 
generously furnishing the funds for this pioneer work. Above all, 
the author wishes to record his many obligations, both as his 
former student and friend, to Professor Archibald Cary Coolidge, 
Director of Harvard College Library, to whom this volume has 
been dedicated and to whom, more than any one else, is due the 
honor of having initiated the scientific study of Slavic Europe in 

Robert Joseph Kerner. 

New York City, 
July 14, 1918. 


An effort has been made in this volume to use certain uniform rules for 
transliteration. The reasons for the adoption of the rules used here 
are given in the Preface, page x. 

The rules for the transliteration of Russian (including Great Russian 
and Little Russian or Ukrainian) and Bulgarian used in this volume 
are in the main the rules adopted by the Library of Congress. For the 
transliteration of Serbian it was thought best to depart slightly from 
the rules used by that institution. Serbian is already transliterated in 
the Croatian which uses the Latin alphabet and really differs from the 
Serbian only dialectically. The other Slavic languages, Polish, tech 
(Czech) and Slovak, Slovene, and Croatian, are written in the Latin 
alphabet and therefore need no transliteration. 

Table Showing Transliteration of Russian and 


Russian and 


Russian and 


























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Final, disregarded 



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in middle, " 



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Table Showing Transliteration of Serbian 



























































How to find Material 

The quickest way to find a work whose author is known to the 
person using the bibliography, is to turn to the Index of Authors. 
The number in the index refers to the number of the title in the 
bibliography, not to the number of the page. 

When the authorship of a work is unknown to the person using the 
bibliography, the Table of Contents, pages xv-xxiv, should be used. 
This is arranged so that it may serve partly as a subject index. Here 
a complete classification of works listed is given. 

There are works whose authorship is not given or is unknown to 
bibliographers. These will be found indexed in the Index of Authors 
under the first important word of the title. 

Arrangement of Material 

As explained more fully in the Preface, pages viii-x, the bibliography 
is so arranged that one proceeds from the general to the special and 
from the simple to the complex, the more important works under 
each subdivision being given first. Small type is used for works of 
lesser importance. 


Only such abbreviations are used as may be easily recognized by 
those acquainted with the language in which the title is found. 

The books listed in this volume, except those marked 
by a dagger, are in the Harvard College Library. Since 
the publication of this work the Library has acquired 
a number of books which were not in its possession 
when this Bibliography was printed. 




A. History I-l8 4 

i. Bibliography I_l8 

(a) General, 1-5. (b) Slavic, 6-18; i. Retrospective, 6-12; 

ii. Current, 13-18. 

2. Periodicals IQ- 37 

(a) Retrospective, 20-28. (b) Current, 29-37. 

3. Sources 3°~5 J 

(a) Bibliography, 38-41. (b) Materials, 42-49- (<0 Man- 
uscripts, 50-51. 

4. Atlases and Maps 5 2_ 54 

5. Historical Accounts 55 _I °4 

(a) General, 55-66. (b) The Slavs and Their Neighbors, 

67-73. (c) Panslavism, 74-82. (d) Archaeology, Anthro- 
pology, Ethnology, 83-124; i. Archaeology, 83-90; ii. An- 
thropology, and Ethnology, 91-124. (e) Early History, 
125-135; i. Descriptions, 125-127; ii. Works, 128-135. 
(/) Law and Legal History, 136-148; i. Sources, 136-137; 
ii. Legal History, 138-148. (g) Mythology, Folklore, and 
Song, 149-168; i. Mythology, i49 _I SS; "• Folklore, 156- 
160; iii. Song, 161-168. (h) Religion, 169-181; i. Gen- 
eral, 169-172; ii. Cyril and Methodius, 173-181. (£) Tem- 
perament and Psychology, 182-184. 

B. Languages 185-234 

1. Philology 185-207 

(a) Bibliography, 185-187. (b) General, 188-195. 

(c) Special, 196-207. 

2. Dictionaries 208-209 

3. Grammars 210-211 

4. Transliteration 212-213 

5. Church Slavic (Old Bulgarian) 214-232 

(a) Bibliography, 214-215. (b) Language, 216-227; 

i. History, 216-219; ii. Philology, 220-223; iii. Gram- 
mars, 224-226; iv. Dictionaries, 227. (c) Literature, 
228-232; i. History, 228-230; ii. Anthologies, 231-232. 

6. Neo-Slavic 233-234 

C. Literatures 235-260 

1. History 235-253 

2. Anthologies 254-255 

3. Correspondence 256-257 

4. Poetry 258-260 



II. THE RUSSIANS. (Including Great Russians, Little Russians or 

Ukrainians or Ruthenians, and White Russians.) .... 261-2004 
A. History 261-1822 

1. Bibliography 261-288 

(a) Bibliographies of Bibliographies, 261-264. (b) Gen- 
eral Bibliography, 265-271. (c) Bibliographies of His- 
tory, 272-278. (d) Bibliographies of Literature, 279-280. 

(e) Catalogues, 281-284. (/) Miscellaneous, 285-288. 

2. Periodicals 289-313 

(a) Guides, 290-294. (b) Retrospective, 295-304. (c) Cur- 
rent, 305-309. (d) Government Publications, 310-313. 

3. Sources 3i4~327a 

4. Cartography and Geography 328-345 

(a) Bibliography and Cartography, 328-331. (b) Gen- 
eral Maps, 332-335. (c) Special Maps, 336-338. (^Geog- 
raphy, Historical and Military, 339-345; i. Bibliography, 
339-342; ii. Accounts, 343-345. 

5. Travels and Description 346-565 

(a) Bibliography and Collections, 346-350. (b) Travels 

and Description by Periods, 351-565; i. To 1600, 351-358; 
ii. The Seventeenth Century, 359-369; iii. The Eight- 
eenth Century, 370-390; iv. 1800-1849, 391-425; v. 1850- 
1899, 426-517; vi. 1900-1914, 518-565. 

6. Archaeology 566-575 

(a) Sources, 566-571. (b) Accounts, 572-575. 

7. Ethnology 576-641 

(a) Bibliography, 576-577. (b) Maps, 578-579. (c) Sources, 

580. (d) General Accounts, 581-594. (e) The Great Rus- 
sians, 595-601. (/) The Little Russians, 602-611. (g) The 
White Russians, 612. {h) The Jews, 613-620. (?) The 
Lithuanians and Letts, 621-627. (J) The Finns, 628-630. 
(k) The Germans, 631-636. (Z) The English, 637. (w) The 
Asiatic Races, 638-641. 

8. Political History 642-893 

(a) General, 642-658. (b) Biography, 659-665. (c) Court 

and Courtiers, 666-693; i- Sovereigns, 666-669; "• No- 
bility, 670-691; iii. Portraits, 692-693. (d) Constitu- 
tional and Legal History, 694-736; i. The State, 694- 
701 ; ii. The Constitution and Representative Institutions, 
702-714; iii. Legal Sources, 715-729; iv. Legal and Ju- 
dicial History, 730-736. (e) Foreign Affairs, 737-855; 
i. Treaties, 737-739; ii. General, 740-752; iii. Afghanistan 
753-754; iv. Austria, 755~76i; v. China, 762-771; 
vi. Persia, 772; vii. France, 773-794; viii. England, 795- 
807; ix. Italy, 808-811; x. Japan, 812-818; xi. Germany, 
819-830; xii. Sweden, 831-832; xiii. Turkey, 833-842; 
xiv. United States, 843-855. (/) Military and Naval His- 
tory, 856-893; i. General, 856-865; ii. Army, 866-869; 



iii. Campaigns, 870-883; iv. Army Life, 884-886; v. The 
Navy, 887-893. 

Economic History 894-1027 

(a) General, 894-922; i. Bibliography, 894; ii. Accounts, 
895-905; iii. Recent, 906-913; iv. Economic Conditions, 
914-922. (b) Statistics, 923-935; i. Bibliography, 923; 
ii. Journals, 924; iii. History (general), 925-926; iv. His- 
tory (by periods), 927-935. (c) Agriculture, 936-95°; 
i. Bibliography, 936; ii. History (general), 937"944; 
iii. History (special), 945-95°- (<*) Peasantry, 95!-956; 
i. Bibliography, 951; ii. Sources, 952-953; "L History, 
954-956. (e) Commerce, 957-969; i- General, 957-96°; 
ii. With Germany, 961-963; iii. With Asia, 964-966; 
iv. With England, 967-968; v. With Spain, 969. (f) Colo- 
nization, 970-973. (g) Finances, 974-1003; i. Bibliog- 
raphy, 974; ii. Journals, 975~976; iii. History, 977-982; 
iv. Budget, 983-986; v. Money, 987-989; vi. Financial 
Status, 990-994; vii. Taxes, 995; viii. Debt, 996; ix. Bank- 
ing and Exchange, 997-1003. (h) Industry, 1004-1024; 
i. Bibliography, 1004; ii. History, 1005-1015; iii. Policy, 
1016-1017; iv. Separate Industries, 1018-1022; v. Labor, 
1023-1024. (i) Railroads, 1025-1027. 
Social History 1028-1140 

(a) General, 1028-1055; i. Social Conditions, 1028-1055. 

(b) Civilization, 1056-1067. (c) Characteristics, 1068- 
1072. (d) Education, 1073-1075. (e) Church History, 
1076-1102; i. Sources, 1076; ii. General Accounts, 1077- 
1087; iii.TheUniates(Ruthenian), io88-io88a; i v. Sects 
(general), 1089-1093; v. Sects (separately), 1094-1102. 
(/) Music, 1103-1118; i. History of Music, 1103-1111; 
ii. Song, 1112-1118. (g) Art, 1119-114°; i- General, 
1119-1131; ii. Architecture, 1132-1133; iii. Decorative 
Art, 1134-1135; iv. Painting, 1136-1138; v. Sculpture, 

, History by Periods 1141-1374* 

(a) The First Seventeen Centuries, 1141-1167; i. Ancient 
Russia, 1141-1147; ii. The Mongols, 1148-1152; iii. The 
Sixteenth Century, 11 53-1 158; iv. The Seventeenth Cen- 
tury, 1159-1 167. (b) Peter the Great (1689-1723), 1 168- 
1185; i. Sources and Contemporary Accounts, 1168- 
1171a; ii. History, 1172-1177; iii. Contemporaries and 
Collaborators, 1178-1185. (c) Catherine I, Anna, and 
Elizabeth {1725-1762), 1186-1194; i- Sources, 1186-1187; 
ii. History, 1188-1194. (d) Peter III (1762), 1195-1196. 
(e) Catherine II (1762-1796), 1197-1223; i. Sources, 1 197- 
1207; ii. History, 1208-1214; iii. Contemporaries and Col- 
laborators, 1 215-1223. (/) Paul I (1796-1S01), 1224- 
1234; i. Sources, 1224-1227; ii. History, 1228-1234. 



(g) Nineteenth Century, 1 235-1 267; i. Sources, 1235- 
1237; ii. General Accounts, 1 238-1 249; iii. The Revolu- 
tionary Movement and Nihilism, 1 250-1 267. (h) Alexan- 
der I (1801-1825), 1268-1284; i. Sources, 1268-1274; 
ii. History, 1 275-1 282; iii. Contemporaries and Collab- 
orators, 1 283-1 284. (*) Nicholas I (1825-1855), 1285- 
1298; i. History, 1 285-1 288; ii. The Dekabrists, 1289- 
1296; iii. Contemporaries and Collaborators, 1 297-1 298. 
(_;') Alexander II (1855-1881), 1 299-1315; i. History, 
1 299-1307; ii. The Great Reforms, 1308-1310; iii. The 
Assassination, 1311-1315. (k) Alexander III (1881-1894), 
1316-1327; i. Sources, 1316-1317; ii. History, 1318-1323; 
iii. The Revolutionary Movement, 1324-1327. (/) Nicholas 
II (1894-1914), i328-i374a; i. History, 1328-1340; ii. The 
Russian Revolution of 1905, i34i-i374a. 

12. History by Regions 1375-1822 

(a) The Provinces, 1375. (b) Little Russia or The Ukraine, 
I375a-i388; i. Bibliography, 1375a; ii. Accounts, 1376- 
1388. (c) Lithuania, 1389-1402; i. Bibliography, 1389; 
ii. Sources, 1390-1394; iii. History, 1395-1402. (d) Fin- 
land, 1403-1442; i. Bibliography, 1403-1407; ii. Atlases, 
1408; iii. Description, 1409-141 1 ; iv. History, 141 2-141 5; 
v. The Finnish Question, 1416-1442. (e) The Baltic Prov- 
inces, 1443-1485; i. Bibliography, 1443-1445; ii. Periodi- 
cals, 1446-145 1 ; iii. Sources, 145 2-1463; iv. History, 
1464-1479; v. The Baltic Question, 1480-1483; vi. Legal 
History, 1484-1485. (/) Arctic Russia, 1486-1496. 
(g) Bessarabia, 1497-1498. (h) The Crimea, 1499-1517; 
i. Sources, 1499-1502; ii. Maps, 1503; iii. Accounts, 
1504-1517. (i) The Caucasus, 1518-1562; i. Bibliog- 
raphy, 1518; ii. Sources, 1519-1520; iii. Travels and De- 
scriptions, 1521-1545; iv. History (general), 1546-1557; 
v. History (special), 1558-1562. (j) Cities of European 
Russia, 1563-1576; i. Moscow, 1563-1566; ii. St. Peters- 
burg (Petrograd), 1567-1568; iii. Riga, 1569; iv. Kiev, 
1570; v. Kazan, 1571-1572; vi. Azov, 1573; vii. Novgo- 
rod, 1574-1575; viii. Pskov, 1576. (k) Central Asia, 
I577~i638a; i. Bibliography, 1577; ii. Description and 
Travel, 1578-1601; iii. History, 1602-1609; iv. Anglo- 
Russian Rivalry, i6io-i638a. (/) Siberia, 1639-1726; 
i. Bibliography, 1639; ii. Guide-books, 1640; iii. Archaeol- 
ogy, 1641-1642; iv. Discoveries and Explorations, 1643- 
1654; v. Description and Travel, 1655-1707; vi. History, 
1708-1720; vii. The Trans-Siberian Railroad, 1721-1723; 
viii. The Prison System, 1 724-1 726. (m) The Far East, 
1727-1822; i. Bibliography, 1727-1729; ii. Guide-books, 
1730; iii. Periodicals, 1 731-173 2; iv. Geography, 1733; v. 
History, 1734-1756; vi. The Russo-Japanese War, 1757- 



B. Language 1823-1875 

1. Great Russian 1823-1868 

(a) Philology, 1823-1835. (0) Grammars, 1836-1845. 

(c) Readers and Chrestomathies, 1 846-1850. (d) Diction- 
aries, 1851-1868; i. Polyglot, 1852-1853; ii. English and 
Russian, 1854-1859; iii. German and Russian, 1860-1863; 
iv. French and Russian, 1864; v. Technical, 1865-1868. 

2. Little Russian (or Ukrainian or Ruthenian) 1869-1875 

(a) Language, 1869-1872. (b) Literature, 1873-1875. 

C. Great Russian Literature 1876-2004 

1. History (general) 1876-1885 

2. History and Criticism (special) 1886-1901 

3. Collections 1902-1903 

4. Anthologies 1904-1911 

5. Drama 1912-1915 

6. Fiction 1916-1928 

(a) Bibliography, 1916-1917. (b) History and Criticism, 
1918-1922. (c) Collections, 1923-1928. 

7. Poetry 1929-1944 

(a) History, 1929-1934. (b) Collections, 1935-1944. 

8. Folklore 1945-1950 

9. Tolstoi 1951-1980 

(a) Bibliography, 195 1. (b) Biography, 195 2-1960. 

(c) Criticism, 1961-1975. (d) Works, 1976-1980. 

10. Other Writers 1981-2004 

(a) Dostoevski!, 1981-1983. (b) Chekhov, 1984. (c) Go- 
gol, 1985. (d) Goncharov, 1986. (e) Gorki! [Pieshkov], 
1987-1991. (/) Lermontov, 1992. (g) Pushkin, 1993- 
1995. (h) Turgenev, 1996-2004. 

III. THE POLES 2005-2555 

A. History 2005-2504 

1. Bibliography 2005-201 1 

(a) General, 2005-2008. (b) Historical, 2009. (c) Miscel- 
laneous, 2010-201 1. 

2. Periodicals 201 2-2019 

3. Sources 20i9a-2056 

4. Criticism of the Sources 2057-2064 

5. Cartography and Geography 2065-2068 

6. Travels and Description 2069-2097 

(a) Guide-Books, 2069. (b) From the Sixteenth to the 
Nineteenth Century, 2070-2083. (c) The Nineteenth 
Century, 2084-2097. 

7. Archaeology, Anthropology, and Ethnology 2098-21 13 

(a) Archaeology, 2098-2100. (b) Anthropology, 2101- 

2102. (c) Ethnology, 2103-2109. (d) The Jews, 2110-? 




8. Political History 2114-2160 

(a) General, 21 14-2 124. (b) Genealogy, Heraldry, No- 
bility, Biography, 21 25-2134; i. Genealogy, 21 25-21 26; 

ii. Heraldry, 2127; iii. Nobility, 2128-2130; iv. Biog- 
raphy, 2131-2134. (c) Treaties and Diplomatic Sources, 
2I 35- (d) Constitutional History, 2136-2145. (e) Legal 
Sources and History, 2146-2154; i. Sources, 2146-2149; 
ii. History, 2150-2154. (/) Military History, 2155-2160. 

9. Economic History 2161-2181 

(c) General, 2161-2169. (b) Agriculture and Peasantry, 
2170-2179. (c) Industry, 2180-2181. 

10. Social History 2182-2202 

(a) Civilization and Education, 2 182-2 185. (b) Church 
History, 2186-2197. (c) Art, 2198-2201. (d) Music, 2202. 

n. History by Periods 2203-2487 

(a) To the End of the Seventeenth Century, 2203-2265; 
i. To the Sixteenth Century, 2203-2224; ii. The Sixteenth 
Century, 2225-2246; iii. The Seventeenth Century, 2247- 
2257; iv. John Sobieski, 2258-2265. (b) The Eighteenth 
Century, 2266-2332; i. General, 2266-2271; ii. The 
Saxon Kings, 2272-2281; iii. Stanislaw Augustus II and 
the Partitions, 2282-2332. (c) The Nineteenth Century, 
2333-2487; i. Napoleon and Poland, 2333-2341; ii. Po- 
land and the Polish Question, 2342-2349; iii. The Emi- 
gration, to the year 18 31, 2350-2352; iv. The Polish 
Revolution, 1830-1831, 2353-2370; v. Poland Between 
the Revolutions, 18 31-1863, 2371-2398; vi. The Revolu- 
tion of 1863, 2399-2418; vii. The Polish Question, 2419- 
2466; viii. Polish Nationalism, 2467-2487. 

12. History by Regions 2488-2504 

(a) Galicia, 2488-2492. (b) Posen, 2493-2504; i. Periodi- 
cals, 2494-2496; ii. History, 2497-2504. 

B. Language 2505-2531 

1. Philology 2505-2511 

2. Old Polish 251 2-2514 

3. Old Polish Texts 2515-2519 

4. Dictionaries 2520-2523 

5. Grammars 2524-2531 

C. Literature 2532-2555 

1. History 2532-2542 

2. Poetry 2543-2555 

(a) Collections, 2552-2555. 


the Poles.) 2556-2724 

A. General 2556-2663 

1. Bibliography 2556 

2. Periodicals 2557-2568 



(a) Bibliography, 2557. (b) Prussian, 2558-2565. 
(c) Saxon, 2566-2568. 

3. Sources 2569-2596 

(a) General, 2569-2570. (b) Prussian, 2571-2579. (c) Si- 

lesian, 2580-2585; i. Bibliography, 2580-2581; ii. Docu- 
ments, 2582-2585. (d) Pomeranian, 2586-2592. (e) Saxon, 

4. Political History 2597-261 1 

(a) General, 2597-261 1; i. Prussian, 2598-2604; ii. Slavic, 

5. The Slavs and Germanization 2612-2643 

i. General, 2612-2614; ii. Colonization and Conquest of 

the East, 2615-2634; iii. The German Orders, 2635-2641; 
iv. Meissen, etc., 2642-2643. 

6. Economic History 2644-2655 

(a) Prussia, 2644-2647. (b) Silesia, 2648-2653. (c) Pom- 

erania, 2654-2655. 

7. Social History 2656-2663 

B. The Lusatian Serbians 2664-2684 

1. History 2664-2671 

(a) Sources, 2664-2665. (b) Accounts, 2666-2671. 

2. Language 2672-2679 

3. Literature 2680-2684 

(a) Bibliography, 2680. (b) History, 2681-2684. 

C. The Slovincians 2685-2692 

1. History 2685-2690 

(a) Sources, 2685. (b) Accounts, 2686-2690. 

2. Language and Literature 2691-2692 

D. The Kashubs 2693-2697 

1. History 2693-2694 

2. Language and Literature 2695-2697 

E. The Polabians 2698-2713 

1. History 2698-2709 

2. Language 2710-2713 

F. The Masurians 2714-2720 

1. Periodicals 2714 

2. History 2715-2720 

G. Bohemians in Germany 2721-2724 

cluding general Austro-Hungarian bibliography.) . . . . 2725-3514 
A. History 2725-3465 

1. Bibliography 2725-2746 

(a) Austrian, 2725-2732. (b) Hungarian, 2733-2737. 

(c) Bohemian, 2738-2746. 

2. Periodicals and Publications 2747-2773 

(fl) Austria, 2747-2755. (b) Bohemia, 2756-2773; i. Bo- 
hemian, 2756-2765; ii. Moravian, 2766-2771; iii. Slovak, 



3. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 2774-2779 

4. Sources 2780-2836 

(a) Austrian, 2780-2786. (b) Hungarian, 2787-2798. 

(c) Bohemian, 2799-2836; i. General, 2799-2820; 
ii. Chronicles, 2821-2823; iii. Contemporaries, 2824- 
2826; iv. Municipal, 2827-2829; v. Moravia, 2830-2833; 
vi. Silesia, 2834-2835; vii. Eger, 2836. 

5. Cartography 2837-2846 

(a) Maps, 2838-2840. (b) Geographical Lexicons, 2841- 


6. Travels and Description 2847-2887 

(a) Guide-books, 2847. (b) Accounts, 2848-2887. 

7. Archaeology, Anthropology, and Ethnology 2888-2904 

(a) Archaeology, 2888-2894. (b) Anthropology and Eth- 
nology, 2895-2904. 

8. Nationality 2905-2984 

(a) Linguistic Maps, 2905-2906. (b) Sources, 2907-2908. 

(c) History (general), 2909-2984; i. The Germans, 2925- 
2937; ii. The Slavs, 2938-2940; iii. The Language Ordi- 
nances, 2941-2943; iv. Solutions Proposed, 2944-2947; 
v. History (special, Bohemia), 2948-2968; vi. Hungary 
and the Slovaks, 2969-2984. 

9. Political History 2985-3158 

(a) General, 2985-3054; i. Austria, 2985-3001; ii. Hun- 
gary, 3002-3028; iii. Bohemia, 3029-3054. (b) Constitu- 
tional History, 3055-3115; i. Austria-Hungary, 3055- 

3072; ii. The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867, 
3073-3075; iii. Parliamentary History, 3076-3080; iv. Bo- 
hemia, 3081-3 102; v. Law, Codification, and the Judici- 
ary, 3103-3115. (c) Bohemian Nobility, 3116-3120. 

(d) Diplomatic History, 3121-3144; i. Treaties, 3121- 
3126; ii. History, 31 27-3144. (e) Military History, 3145- 
3158; i. General, 3145-3150; ii. History of Wars and 
Special Campaigns, 3151-3158. 

[O. Economic History 3159-3249 

(a) Statistics, 3159-3163. (b) Trade and Commerce, 
3164-3195; i. General, 3164-3173; ii. Special Periods, 
3174-3188; iii. Bohemia, 3189-3195. (c) Agriculture and 
Peasantry, 3196-3209; i. Bibliography, 3196-3197; 
ii. The Agrarian Question and the Peasantry, 3198-3204; 
iii. Agriculture, 3205-3209. (d) Financial History, 3210- 
3228; i. General, 3210-3219; ii. Bohemia, 3220-3222; 
iii. Taxation, 3223-3228. (e) Railroads, 3229-3231. 
(/) Industry, 3232-3249; i. General, 3232-3238; ii. Bohe- 
mia, 3239-3249. 

ii. Social History 3250-3298 

(a) General, 3250-3254. (b) Bohemia, 3255-3298; 
i. Church History, 3259-3271; ii. Schools and Education, 
3272-3278; iii. Art, 3279-3291; iv. Music and the 
Theatre, 3292-3298. 



12. History by Periods 3299-3465 

(a) To the Fifteenth Century, 3299-3356; i. Sources, 
3299-3302; ii. Criticism of the Sources, 3303-3305; 
iii. General History, 3306-3309; iv. Special History, 
3310-3356. (b) The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, 
3357-3409; i- General, 3357-3360; ii. Hus, 3361-3409. 
(c) From the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day, 
3410-3465; i. General, 3410-341 2; ii. The Seventeenth 
Century, 3413-3425; iii. The Eighteenth Century, 3426- 
3436; iv. The Nineteenth Century, 3437-3465. 

B. Language 3466-3481 

1. Bohemian 3466-3476 

(a) Philology, 3466-3467. (b) Old Bohemian, 3468-3470. 

(c) Grammars, 3471-3472. (d) Dictionaries, 3473-3476. 

2. Slovak 3477-3481 

C. Literature 3482-3514 

1. Old Bohemian 3482-3491 

2. Bohemian 3492-3514 

(a) History, 3492-3500. (b) Collections, 3501. (c) Biog- 
raphy, 3502-3505. (d) Poetry, 3506-3511; i. Collections, 
3506-3511. (e) Folklore, 351 2-3514. 

VI. THE SOUTHERN SLAVS. (For general Austro-Hungarian bib- 
liography see V.) 3515-4521 

A. The Balkans 3515-3763 

1. Bibliography 35i5~35i8 

2. Periodicals and Publications 35 I 9 _ 3S 2 4 

3. Sources 3525~3532 

4. Maps and Geography 353 2 a-3539 

5. Archaeology, Anthropology, and Ethnology 354°-3554 a 

(a) Maps, 3540-3542. (b) Accounts, 3543~3554a. 

6. Travels and Description 3555-359 1 

7. Political History 3592-3741^ 

(a) Early History to the Nineteenth Century, 3592-3601. 

(b) The Balkan Question, 36o2~3643a; i. Diplomacy, 
3602-3612; ii. Accounts, 36i3~3643a. (c) The Powers and 
the Balkan Question, 3644-3700; i. General, 3644-3652; 
ii. Austria-Hungary, 3652a~366i; iii. England, 3662- 
3663; iv. France, 3664-3667; v. Germany, 3668-3672; 
vi. Greece, 3673-3675; vii. Italy, 3676-3678; viii. Ru- 
mania, 3679~3682a; ix. Russia, 3683-3691; x. Turkey, 
3692-3700. (d) The Danube, 3701-3708; i. Sources, 
3701; ii. History, 3702-3708. (e) The Balkan Confedera- 
tion, 3709-3715. (/) The Balkan Wars, 3716-3739; i. Gen- 
eral Accounts, 3716-3729; ii. The Campaigns, 3730-3739. 
(g) The Peace Problem and Atrocities, 3740-374^. 

8. Economic History 374 2_ 3756 

(a) General, 3742-3744. (b) Commerce, 3745-375 1 - 

(c) Railroads, 3752-3756. 

9. Social History 3757 _ 3763 



B. The Jugo-Slavs or The Slovenes and Serbo-Croats . . 3764-4288 

1. Introduction 3764-3794 

(a) General, 3764-3775. (b) Social Aspects, 3776-3781. 

(c) Philology, 3782-3787. (d) Literature, 3787a~37Q4. 

2. The Slovenes 3795 - 38o9 

(a) History, 3795~3886a; i. Bibliography, 3795-3797; 

ii. Periodicals, 3798; iii. General Accounts, 3799-3806; 
iv. Carniola and Carinthia, 3807-3838; v. Styria, 3839- 
3886; vi. Trieste and Gorz-Gradisca, 3886a. (b) Lan- 
guage, 3887-3895; i. Philology, 3887-3890; ii. Grammars, 
3891-3893; iii. Dictionaries, 3894-3895. (c) Literature, 
3896-3899; i. General, 3896-3898; ii. Song and Folklore, 


3. The Serbo-Croats 3900-4288 

(a) History, 3900-4235; i. General Introduction, 3900- 
3945; ii. Bosnia and the Hercegovina, 3946-4036; 
iii. Croatia-Slavonia, 4037-4066; iv. Dalmatia including 
Istria and Trieste, 4067-4116; v. Ragusa, 4117-4125; 
vi. Serbia, 4126-4215; vii. Montenegro, 4216-4235. 

(b) Language, 4236-4262; i. Philology, 4236-4247; 
ii. Dictionaries, 4248-4255; iii. Grammars, 4256-4262. 

(c) Literature, 4263-4288; i. History, 4263-4269; ii. Col- 
lections, 4270-4273; iii. Poetry, 4274-4282; iv. Folklore, 

C. Other Balkan Slavs 4289-4521 

1. The Bulgarians 4289-4466 

(a) History, 4289-4449; i. Bibliography, 4289-4294; 

ii. Periodicals and Publications, 4295-4302; iii. Sources, 
4303-4306; iv. Maps, 4307-4308; v. Travels and De- 
scription, 4309-4338; vi. Archaeology, Anthropology, and 
Ethnology, 4339-4350; vii. Political History, 4351-4381; 
viii. History by Periods, 4382-441 1 ; ix. Economic History, 
441 2-4441; x. Social History, 4442-4449. (b) Language, 
4450-4460; i. Philology, 4450-4456; ii. Grammars, 4457- 
4458; iii. Dictionaries, 4459-4460. (c) Literature, 4461- 
4466; i. General, 4461-4463; ii. Poetry, 4464-4466. 

2. The Macedonians 4467-4521 

(a) Bibliography, 4467-4468. (b) Sources, 4469-4473. 

(c) Ethnographic Maps, 4473a-4476. (d) Ethnology, 
4477-4489. (e) The Macedonian Question, 4490-4504. 
(/) The Powers and Macedonia, 4505-4514. (g) Philologi- 
cal, 45 1 5-45 1 6. (h) Economic, 45 17-45 18. (i) Social, 


Index of Authors 335 



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See 185-187; 214-215; 261-288; 328-331; 346-565; 576-577; 1639; 1727-1729; 
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See under each division for Slavic periodicals. 

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I. The Slavs. A. History. 2. Periodicals 5 

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6 I. The Slavs. A. History. 3. Sources 


See 136-138; 3i4-327a; 566-571; 580; 737~739; 1076; 20193-2056; 2186-2187; 
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g. Mythology, Folklore, and Song 

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These works are in Russian. 

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c. Bibliographies of History 

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II. The Russians. A. History, i. Bibliography 25 

d. Bibliographies of Literature 

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e. Catalogues 

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/. Miscellaneous 

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26 II. The Russians. A. History. 2. Periodicals 


See 19-37; 9 2 4; 975-976; 1446-1451; 1610; 1731-1732; 2013-2019; 2557-2568; 
2747-2773; 3519-3S24; 39i5-392i; 4295-4302. 

289. Among the numerous publications issued by the Russian government two 
may be especially mentioned, not only for their general importance, but also because 
they contain much material in the western languages. They are (1) the Journal of 
the ministry of public instruction. (Zhurnal ministerstva narodnago prosviesh- 
chenlia.) St. Petersburg, 1829 ff. (In 1914 the publication was in its 412th vol., 
12 monthly sections making one vol.), and (2) the Magazine (or Collection) of the 
Russian imperial historical society. (Sbornik russkago istoricheskago imperator- 
skil obshchestva.) St. Petersburg, 1867 ff . Periodicals of general interest are legion. 
Among them may be mentioned: (3) The European messenger. (Viestnik Evropy.) 
St. Petersburg, 1866 ff. (4) fRussian thought (Russkoe mysl). Literary and politi- 
cal. Monthly. Moscow, 18875. (5) fRussian wealth. (Russkoe bogatstvo.) 
A monthly. Literary and political. Of the scientific journals the following may be 
recommended: (6) fThe historical messenger (Istoricheskii viestnik.) St. Peters- 
burg, 1880 ff. (7) The Russian archive. (Russkli arkhiv.) St. Petersburg, 1863 ff. 
(8) Russian antiquity. (Russkaia starina.) St. Petersburg, 18708. (9) "(The 
Kiev antiquity. (Kievskafa starina.) Kiev, 1882 ff. (10) fThe historical survey. 
(Istoricheskole obozrieniie.) St. Petersburg, 18922. (n) The Russian philo- 
logical messenger. (Russkil filologicheskii viestnik.) Warsaw, 1879 ff- 

a. Guides 

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(Periodicheskaia pechat v Ross'ii, 1 703-1903. Russian.) St. Peters- 
burg, 1905 ff. See 305. 

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mennym izdan'iiam i sbornikam. Russian.) St. Petersburg, 1898. See 
also his fHistorical study on Russian periodicals, 1 703-1 802. (Istori- 
chesko rozyskani'e russkich povrenennikh izdaniiach i sbornikach. 
Russian.) St. Petersburg, 1874. 

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293. A guide to the periodical publications in the Russian academy 
and the Russian language and literature division of the imperial acad- 
emy of sciences. (Ukazatel k periodicheskim izdan'iiam ross'ilskoi 
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akademii nauk. Russian.) St. Petersburg, 1890. 

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periodical publications in the possession of the library of the imperial 
university of St. Petersburg. (Spisok glavnieishikh periodicheskykh 
izdan'ii, etc. Russian.) St. Petersburg, 1909. 100 p. 

b. Retrospective 

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1793-Jun. 1796. monthly. St. Petersburg, 1794-96. 6 vol. No more 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 2. Periodicals 27 

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Petersburger zeit'g.) Hrsg. v. C. F. Meyer. St. Petersburg, 1853- 
55- 3vol. 

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zig, St. Petersburg, 1863-65. 3 vol. (2) Russische revue. Hrsg. v. 
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Register, vols, i-xxxi. St. Petersburg, 1892. 

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fornia society of friends of Russian freedom. Maievskii, J. A. ed. 
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No more published. 

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c. Current 

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also called Neue folge, i-vi. After 191 3 this publication was merged 
with (2) Deutsche monatsschrift fur Russland. Hrsg. v. A. Eggers. 
Reval, 191 2 ff. 

308. The Anglo-Russian literary society. Proceedings. London, 
1893 ff . 

28 II. The Russians. A. History. 3. Sources 

309. The Russian review. A quarterly review of Russian history, 
politics, economics, and literature. Editors: B. Pares, M. Baring, 
S. N. Harper. London, 191 2 ff. 

d. Government Publications 

310. Tableau general methodique et alphabetique des matieres 
contenues dans les publications de l'academie imperiale des sciences de 
St. Petersbourg depuis sa fondation: i e ptie. Publications en langues 
etrangeres. 2 e ptie. (Russian.) St. Petersbourg, 1872-75. 2 vol. 
fSupplement 1. Comprenant les publications en langues etrangeres 
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Current. Russian. 

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bulletin de l'academie imperiale des sciences de St. Petersbourg. St. 
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See 38-51; 136-138; 566-571; 580; 737-739; 762-763; 773-777; 812-813; 
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II. The Russians. A. History. 3. Sources 29 

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dentale " in Russian and French.) St. Petersbourg, 1865. 658 p. 
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327a. British Parliamentary Papers. Catalogue of parliamentary 
papers, 1801-1900; 1901-1910. London, 1904; 1912. See Russia, 
Poland, Turkey, etc. 

30 II. The Russians. A. History. 4. Cartography and Geography 


See 52-54; 1408; 1644-1654; 2065-2068; 2837-2846; 3533-3539; 4307-4308. 

a. Bibliography and Cartography 

328. A catalogue of the book and geographical collections (of the 
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St. Petersburg, n. d. maps, bibliography. 

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b. General Maps 

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No. 33. The same. Westliches Russland (Polen). 10. aufl. Berlin, 
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das gesamte Russische reich mit den angrantzenden landern vorstellig macht. 
Entworfen bey der kaiserlichen academie der wissenschaften. St. Petersburg, 
I 745- (3) fCarte gdnerale de l'empire de Russie avec les 6tats incorpores: le 
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French. 28 x42 m. (4) fMap of European Russia. Pulkova, 1883-87. 1:420,000. 
4 sheets. 26^ x 205. 

c. Special Maps 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 5. Travels and Description 31 

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Petersbourg, 1893. 23 p. 

d. Geography, Historical and Military 

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See 125-127; 1056-1067; 1068-1072; 1128-1131; 1409-1411; 1521-1545; 1578- 
1601; 1640; 1644-1707; 1730; 2069-2097; 2847-2887; 3555-3S9 1 - 

a. Bibliography and Collections 

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32 II. The Russians. A. History. 5. Travels and Description 
b. Travels and Description by Periods 

Note: Order chronological by contents of work. 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 5. Travels and Description 33 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 8. Political History 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 9. Economic History 

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II. The Russians. A. History, q. Economic History 


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With Ger- 


II. The Russians. A. History, g. Economic History 

iv. With 


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/. Colonization 
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II. The Russians. A. History. 9. Economic History 


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v. Money 


7 6 

II. The Russians. A. History. 9. Economic History 

vil. Taxes 

vlli. Debt 

Ix. Banking 

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it. History 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 10. Social History 79 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 10. Social History 81 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 10. Social History 

lil. The 



It. Sects 


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II. The Russians. A. History. 10. Social History 85 

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a. The First Seventeen Centuries 

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II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 

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c. Catherine I, Anna, and Elizabeth, 1 725-1 762 

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II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 93 

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II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 


/. Paul I, 1 796-1801 
See 642-893. 

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i. Sources 

ii. History 

See 642-893. 

g. Nineteenth Century 

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9 6 

II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 

ill. The revo- 
ment and 

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II. The Russians. A. History, u. History by Periods 


Russia In 

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« Special 

9 8 

II. The Russians. A. History, u. History by Periods 

I. Sources 

11. History 

h. Alexander I, 1801-1825 
See 642-893; 1233. 

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II. The Russians. A. History. 1 1 . History by Periods 


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i. Nicholas I, 1825-1855 

See 642-893. 

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li. The De- 

a Sources 

ioo II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 

ft Accounts 

Hi. Contempo- 
raries and 

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j. Alexander II, 185 5-1 881 

See 642-893. 

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II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 101 

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k. Alexander III, 1881-1894 

See 642-893. 

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102 II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 

11 . The revo- 

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See 642-893; 1 250-1 267; 1 289-1 296. 

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/. Nicholas II, i894~(i9i4) 

*, See 642-893. 

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II. The Russians. A. History, n. History by Periods 103 

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11. Atlases 


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II. The Russians. A. History. 12. History by Regions in 

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154 HI- The Poles. A. History. 6. Travels and Description 


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Note: Order chronological. 
See 346-565; 2847-2887. 

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See 2539. 


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III. The Poles. A. History. 8. Political History 157 

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III. The Poles. A. History. 8. Political History 159 

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III. The Poles. A. History. 8. Political History 

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e. Legal Sources and History 

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/. Military History 
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164 III. The Poles. A. History. 11. History by Periods 

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a. To the End of the Seventeenth Century 

Note: Order chronological by subject. 

See 125-135; 1141-1167; 2114-2160; 3299-3409. 

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See 2 1 14-2 1 60. U> The 

Note: Order chronological by subject. century 


III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 


(3 History 

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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 

lv. John 


a Sources 


Y Special 

1. General 

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b. The Eighteenth Century 
See 1 168-1234. 

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III. The Poles. A. History. 11. History by Periods 


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The Powers 
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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 171 

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III. The Poles. A. History. 11. History by Periods 

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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 


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and Poland 


c. The Nineteenth Century 
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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 

11. Poland and 
the Polish 

ill. The emi- 
gration to 
the year 

lv. The Polish 

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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 175 

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III. The Poles. A. History. 11. History by Periods 

the revo- 

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Note: Order chronological by subject. 

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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 177 

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i 7 8 

III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 

Tl. The revo- 
lution of 

a Sources 

fi Contempo- 
rary de- 

y History 

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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 

The Powers 
and the 

7 Russia and 
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III. The Poles. A. History, n. History by Periods 

t Special 

viii. Polish 
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See 55-65- 

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v. History 

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236 V. Bohemians and Slovaks. A. History. 10. Economic History 

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242 V. Bohemians and Slovaks. A. History. 12. History by Periods 

I. Sources 

U. Criticism 
of the 

111. General 


See 2985-3158. 

a. To the Fifteenth Century 
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of the fif- 
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250 V. Bohemians and Slovaks. A. History. 12. History by Periods 

A Gsneral 

II. The seven- 


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lv. The nine- 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 2. The Slovenes 281 

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282 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 2. The Slovenes 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 2. The Slovenes 283 

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Note: Order chronological by subject. 

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284 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 2. The Slovenes 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 2. The Slovenes 285 

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Note: Order chronological by subject. 

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286 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 2. The Slovenes 

f Graz 


e Law 


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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 2. The Slovenes 287 

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and Gorz- 

b. Language 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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1. General 

Song and 

I. General 

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290 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 291 

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the Herce- 


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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 293 

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294 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

7 Anthro- 
pology, etc. 

5 Political 

« Austrian 
and adminis- 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo- Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 295 

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296 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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298 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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300 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 


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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 301 

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304 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 305 


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/S Archaeology 

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306 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 307 

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308 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 309 

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310 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 311 

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Note: Order chronological by subject, 
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b. Language 

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314 VI. Southern Slavs. B. The Jugo-Slavs. 3. The Serbo-Croats 

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318 VI. Southern Slavs. C. Other Balkan Slavs, i. The Bulgarians 



a. History 

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322 VI. Southern Slavs. C. Other Balkan Slavs, i. The Bulgarians 

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326 VI. Southern Slavs. C. Other Balkan Slavs. 1. The Bulgarians 

is. Economic 


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z. Social 
a General 


7 Church 

i Social 

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330 VI. Southern Slavs. C. Other Balkan Slavs. 2. Macedonians 

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osterr. land- u. forst- 

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3 2 °5- 

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3I3 1 - 2 - 
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v. Adel v. B6hm., etc., 


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